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Rock Smart Alcohol Sprayer

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Rock – UVC LED Portable Sterilizer


Device offers rapid one-minute sterilization using ultraviolet (UV) technology to effectively eliminate germs on various daily items like mobile phones, accessories, cables, keys, masks, and jewelry. It achieves a disinfection rate of over 99.9%, destroying bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms instantly. The compact, portable, and detachable design allows for convenient use anywhere, with the top portion easily removed and the folded unit as light as a Kindle. The device prioritizes safety with a built-in gravity angle sensor that automatically turns off the UV lights when the upper part is opened, providing smart protection for users. Its eco-friendly design incorporates three powerful LED beads for efficient germ elimination without the use of mercury UV lamps. Compared to mercury UV lamps, the LED-based sterilization is ozone and mercury-free, offering a longer lifespan and a quick one-minute sterilization process. Additionally, the device features 15W fast wireless charging, enabling simultaneous charging and sterilization with a sensing distance of less than 8mm, allowing for charging without removing the phone case.

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